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Net::MRIM and PerlMRIM

This simple PERL module, distributed through CPAN, implements a significant subset of the protocol of (aka Mail.Ru Instant Messenger, aka MRIM) as a PERL API. The specifications of this protocol were made available by Mail.Ru, and this implementation is based upon them.
You can get the package on its CPAN page. There is a GUI interface to it, implemented in wxPerl.

Currently supported features are:
  • Protocol handling (logging in, out, forced disconnect, ...)
  • Basic messenging (send and read messages)
  • Basic contact list managment (add and remove contacts, deal with authorization)
  • Basic user profile displaying, and user search
  • Basic status managment (set and display online/away)
  • Mail notifications
  • SMS sending (to russian mobile phone numbers only)
It requires Perl 5.8 (or better).

For your convenience, here is PerlMRIM (the GUI, version 0.12) in 2 different packages: PerlMRIM comes localized in English, French and Russian.
If someone could help me (ie. has Xcode) with MacOSX 10.4.x (Tiger) or Leopard on PPC, please drop me a line, as the "glue code" needs to be recompiled. Else, you can attempt to use the Tarball package by launching "wxPerl".
If you have comments, bug reports or fixes, or are willing to beta test, don't hesitate to contact me.

PerlMRIM main window under MacOSX

Net::MRIM comes with an example script, that can also be used as a very simple MRIM CLI client. It's called (guess) To use it, you have to:
  1. Download and extract Net-MRIM-[version].tar.gz, extract it, and go to the created directory
  2. As root, execute: perl Makefile.PL; make; make install
  3. Copy "examples/" to a more convenient location
  4. Edit "", and fill the variables $LOGIN and $PASSWORD according to your credentials
  5. Launch it by doing "./" or "perl ./"
Once logged in the CLI version, a short help is available by typing "help". The GUI version should be self-explanatory.
Of course, this MRIM client is very primitive. But it Just Works™, on any operating system (I tested it on Ubuntu, Debian, Mac OSX PPC and MacOSX Intel). The only other option i've heard of for non-windows OS is to use's MRIM transport. So it's up to you: now there's choice ! ;-)

Net::MRIM and PerlMRIM are licensed under GPLv2.